About Selah

Selah House offers professional Christian eating disorder treatment for women and teen girls suffering with a primary diagnosis of anorexia, bulimia, AFRID, OSFED, or other co-occurring disorders.  Our focus at Selah House is to deal with underlying issues and encourage long-term recovery. Eating disorder treatment recommendations are focused on each person’s specific needs, and an individualized length of stay is recommended after a Selah House professional assessment. On average, most clients receive a recommended 6-week length of stay for both adult and teen programs.

Selah is Christian-based, but women from all faiths have successfully completed our program and felt accepted. Clients vary in how much they want to focus on faith in their treatment, and we respect each person’s decision.

Selah House is accredited through CARF International at the highest level; with a 3-year accreditation in all programs.