Cost & Insurance

We realize the financial aspects of inpatient eating disorder treatment are difficult and we are here to work with and for you. Please call us and let us help you through all the challenging aspects of treatment. Our Financial Team is deeply committed to the following:

CostandInsuranceUtilization_InternalHave insurance?

  • We work with all commercial insurance companies and are in-network with most, but we are not a Medicare/Medicaid provider.
  • We’ll contact your insurance company for you to find out what benefits are available on your plan
  • We’ll take as much time as you need to help you understand the exact benefits available in your specific plan because mental health benefits can be confusing.
  • We’ll work diligently to partner with your insurance to maximize utilization of the benefits available to you, thus greatly decreasing your out of pocket costs.
  • We create a clear financial picture before the day of admission so you know exactly what to expect.
  • We perform insurance pre-authorizations, ongoing authorizations, insurance billing, and assist with appeals when needed.
  • We are In-Network with Humana and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

Don’t have sufficient insurance?

Director of Finance

Ellen Hines, BA Director of Finance

We prayerfully consider all financial need requests in the case of inadequate insurance coverage.