Equine Program

Selah’s weekly Equine Assisted Character Building Groups and our Equine Assisted Education Curriculum (Experiential Learning) bring a unique benefit to our adolescent eating disorder programming.

  • Our Equine Assisted Education and Character Skills programming leads clients to partner with the horses in order to create an experiential, educational opportunity. This engages our teen girls in participating with their minds and body so they can learn by doing.
  • The interactive sessions with the horses help clients to develop self-awareness, choice making skills and behavioral changes that can be applied to their lives.
  • Character groups and equine assisted education sessions are specifically developed with goals in mind rather than general horse care or riding. It is an approach based on the belief that people learn best by direct and purposeful contact. Our Equine Program Director works in conjunction with our Certified Teacher to align programming to the key curriculum needs of our clients’ schooling plans.