Equine Program

Selah’s 63-acre estate provides beautiful places to sit and reflect throughout the healing process.

  • equinetherapy_ext1Utilizing the EAGALA model of equine assisted therapy, a licensed mental health professional, an equine specialist and horses assist clients through specifically designed, non-riding activities. For more information on EAGALA model, click here to go to their website.
  • Equine assisted therapy is an experiential approach where clients learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses and then processing the behaviors, patterns, communication skills and feelings that were exhibited during the activity. Clients are assisted in applying these learnings to other areas of their lives.
  • Traditional therapeutic approaches and the use of metaphors are incorporated into the equine therapy sessions.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, behavior patterns, taking responsibility, setting boundaries, relationships, confidence and attitude are examples of the “skills” used and developed by this approach.

The Selah House Eating Disorder program includes individual, group and family equine assisted therapy sessions.

A note from our Equine Therapist:

DonZimmerman, Ph.D. EAGALA Level II Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine assisted therapy is a unique professional treatment modality that helps clients to connect to who they are and to discover and learn new ways to live their lives. As a therapeutic model, we recognize that partnering with horses can make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of women struggling with eating disorders.

Horses are incredibility intuitive and demand honesty in their interactions, making them powerful messengers in the therapeutic process. Interactions with the horses often create an awareness and learnings that are not always reached in traditional therapeutic approaches. We have a high level of passion for the mission of Selah House, for what we do and honor the power of the horse to influence and assist clients

~ Don (Z)