Family Involvement

Family Therapy and Eating Disorder Treatment

Anorexia and Bulimia are strongly related to family functioning and affect every member of the family. Families are directly involved in the resident’s eating disorder treatment throughout the stay at Selah House. Our aim with family therapy at Selah is not to focus blame on any one person in the family system, but help families develop understanding and creative ways to grow together and gain freedom and healing.

  • Family/couple sessions & individuals for spouses available throughout treatment (phone conferences when needed due to distance). Many programs only offer contact with the family therapist during a few family days.
  • Family therapist is involved with clients in their groups throughout treatment to increase cohesiveness.
  • Intensive family days at the midpoint of treatment:
    • Examine family of origin issues (genogram)
    • Examine role of family in ED recovery
    • Educational sessions
    • List work session (tough love/affirmation, needs/boundaries, forgiveness/reconciliation)
    • Family equine therapy
    • Family meal/passes

Todd Davis, M.A., LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor Selah House Family Therapist Todd Davis, M.A., LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor Selah House Family Therapist
“Powerlessness. Confusion. Ambivalence. These are emotions I have heard many times over as I have sat with families as they attempt to understand their loved one struggling with a disabling eating disorder. Many families and friends feel as if they are shadow boxing an invisible enemy. They hold a million different feelings, or at times, feel nothing at all. Many feel frustration, but they are not sure who or what they should direct their frustration at. Sometimes it vacillates from feeling guilt to feeling utter frustration towards their loved one. Other times, families curse at the skies with an exasperated “Why?!?”

We at the Selah House are committed to working not only with each individual client, but understand that this disorder impacts the entire family system. We feel called and committed to the ministry of reconciliation. It is our hope to build an alliance amongst the client, their family and friends, and the treatment team in order that, together we can name this common enemy and “do battle” against “ED” (the eating disorder) and not each other.

Eating disorders have the ability to ravish family unity. They steal from our family life, love, and unity. They often keep us from real conversation, from the emotional connectedness in our family that we once had and crave.

You are not alone. There is hope. The whole family can recover. We long to not only help your loved one “walk into freedom”, but to help the entire family “walk into freedom” together. “
~Todd Davis

Family Education Information

Warning Signs

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Food is NOT the Issue (So what is?)

There are multiple factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia or ED NOS. Eating Disorders are an irrational and unhealthy means of pursuing what are rational and healthy goals.
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About Eating Disorders

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Guidelines for Family and Friends

Do you have a friend or family member that has an eating disorder? If so, take a look at these guidelines. Read more…

Connect With a Family Who Has Been at Selah House

If you would like to speak directly with a family member who has had a loved one get eating disorder treatment at Selah House, contact our office at 888-692-0505, and we will connect you. Also, written friends and family testimonials are located on the testimonials page along with those of past clients.

Family Guide for Families Currently in our Program

If you are a family member who is currently in our program Click Here to link to the Family Guide containing educational information and forms. You will need to obtain a password from Selah’s family therapist in order to enter this section.