Helpful Websites

Eating Disorder Support and Therapist Directories

Manna Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and financial assistance to individuals who need treatment for eating disorders. For more information or to apply for a scholarship go to

National Eating Disorders Association– Helpful educational information on eating disorders and national treatment search/referral directory.

Finding Balance is a faith-based health and wellness organization with an emphasis on eating and body image issues. Constance Rhodes is the Founder and President and author of Life Inside the Thin Cage.

MentorCONNECT– The first global eating disorders mentoring community. This is a safe, private, monitored site.

Eating Disorder Hope– Educational information on eating disorders and national treatment search/referral directory.

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders – Educational information on eating diosrders and national therapist search/referral directory.

Support Group Search From National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders – User friendly search page on ANAD’s site for finding support groups throughout the US. National Listing/Referral Directory– Educational information on eating diosrders such as anorexia, bulimia, ED NOS and binge eating disorder as well as a national therapist search/referral directory.

Gurze/Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue – The most widely used resource in the field since 1980.

Focus on the Family site – National search site for Christian therapists by category of what they treat.

Bulimia Resource Guide– Extensive information on bulimia.

Psychology Today– National therapist search site by location and conditions they treat.

The Art of Being– A book of original essays and stories written by fifteen of today’s top contemporary recording artists.

Book, Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too (McGraw-Hill) by Jenni Schaefer with Thom Rutledge, LCSW. Jenni has a new book called, Goodbye ED, Hello Me (McGraw-Hill). on Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery: A nonprofit website giving a good overview of treatment and recovery issues as well as self-help ideas and links to other sites.

Christian Association of Psychological Studies Search – Professional orgaization of Christian Psychologists. They offer a national search for their members.– Online Resource Directory with helpful educational information on addictions and national treatment search/referral directory.

International Association of Eating Disorder Professsionals is dedicated to excellence in the education, training, and certification of eating disorders treatment professionals. Treatment listing as well.

Freedom From Eating Disorders – Offers a recovery course, e-books, and other faith-based resources, all created by a recovered anorexic who has a Master’s degree in Christian counseling.

Therapist search sites for specific states

Grace Community Indianapolis, IN – Large list of Christian therapists in Indianapolis, IN.

Eating Disorder Advocates of Ohio

Eating Disorder Coalition of TN

Eating Disorder League of Michigan

Please note that these eating disorder and other web sites have helpful educational information, but Selah House does not monitor all content on an ongoing basis to determine if the sites are in compliance with our eating disorder treatment philosophies.