Nutritional Care

The nutrition approach at Selah House is based on the premise that ALL FOODS CAN FIT. No food is labeled bad or good, but all are acceptable in a nutritionally-sound meal plan when including balance, variety, and moderation.

Nutrition Program Highlights

  • Supported/supervised group meals facilitate normal social eating and provide a format to address rituals and other Eating Disorder behaviors.
  • Healthy habits of fun and fellowship are taught around the table.
  • Selah House clients practice “real life” eating during treatment, including intuitive eating. Clients learn to feel comfortable identifying and responding to feelings of hunger and fullness and portioning food for themselves, both with and without measuring tools.
  • Weight restoration is accomplished by the use of supplements and snacks; not through radically adjusting the clients’ meal plan. (Many eating disorder programs use feeding tubes and/or rapid weight gain if clients are underweight and then adjust to what normal eating looks like toward the end of treatment.) Tube feeding at Selah House is only used in extrememly rare instances when clients can’t consume regular meals or supplements.
  • Twice weekly nutritional assessment, education and counseling with the dietitian.
  • Meals are prepared at our treatment center by Selah’s dietitian assistants.
  • Supervised meal planning and cooking groups.
  • Supervised meal challenge outings.