Mindfulness Training in Eating Disorder Recovery

Importance of Practicing Mindfulness in Eating Disorder Recovery

Several eating disorders share binge and restriction symptoms and appear to be a food-related problem.  However, eating disorders have underlying emotional issues manifested through behaviors. Treating an eating disorder is more than learning self-control around food; it also involves managing the emotions and triggers associated with the symptoms.


Nutrition at Selah House

By Kayla Carson, RDN, CSSD, cPT As we focus on National Nutrition Month and the importance of making informed food choices, we want to understand more about what nutrition means to a dietitian. As a Regional Director of Clinical Partnerships for Selah House, I am passionate about helping clients connect to quality care, and as…


Recognizing Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Infographic

Selah House is here for you. We provide Christ-centered, clinically excellent treatment for women and girls (12+) who are struggling with an eating disorder. Our treatment program includes inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and a teen program. Our body dysmorphic disorder treatment center provides comprehensive treatment in a comforting environment that is ideal for healing. For…