The Connection Between Eating Disorders & Depression

Depression & Eating Disorders   Unfortunately, a growing majority of any women find flaws with their bodies, scrutinizing every detail. Given the continued societal pressures to achieve this “thin ideal,” feelings of inadequacy about their bodies can leave them feeling depressed, often leading them to take extreme measures to improve their body image. While a…

Group Therapy

The Many Benefits of Eating Disorder Group Therapy

Can Group Therapy Help Treat an Eating Disorder? Appropriately caring for someone suffering from an Eating Disorder can be challenging. Many influences, including physical, emotional, psychological, social, and cultural factors, shape the foundation of eating disorders. Often, pinpointing the exact cause can be challenging to understand.  One evidence-based treatment method that is increasing in clinical…

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Certainty about Treatment during a Time of Uncertainty

By: Ashley Pennington, MA, Senior Regional Director of Clinical Partnerships At Selah House, we understand the challenging decision to begin the journey of recovery at a residential eating disorder treatment program during this time of uncertainty. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team understands that entering a higher level of care can sometimes raise doubts and fears that…