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Eating Disorder Recovery for the Whole Person

Each client works with her primary therapist to develop an individualized treatment plan. A combination of treatment modalities and a safe, loving environment are utilized in both individual and group formats to effectively address each specific set of needs and goals. Therapies impact physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health aspects during the process of recovery from eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Our high staff-to-client ratios offer the support and guidance needed for the best path toward a successful recovery.


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Medical Care

You will find that Selah’s approach to medical care is very personal and unique. Our board certified medical staff uses an individualized approach and are directly involved in each client’s treatment. Medical and psychiatric evaluations are completed at the beginning and throughout the program. In our highest levels of care, we provide 24-hr medical oversight with daily reviews.

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Nutritional Care

Our approach to nutrition is based on the practice of “real life” eating, including intuitive eating and the premise that ALL FOODS CAN FIT. Clients learn to feel comfortable identifying and responding to feelings of hunger and fullness and portioning food for themselves, both with and without measuring tools. No food is labeled bad or good, but all are acceptable in a nutritionally-sound meal plan when including balance, variety, and moderation.

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Spiritual Care

At Selah House, treating the whole person is critical towards a full-recovery. Along with treating the mind and body, we also believe in spending time to address common spiritual questions. Although our staff is largely Christian-based, our goal is to be a safe place for women and girls to explore the truth of who they are and who God is without feeling pressured to believe a certain way. We explore spirituality through the foundation of love and acceptance. Clients from a variety of faiths and backgrounds have been through our program and felt respected and comfortable.

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