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Self-Care for Recovery

Below are suggested activities for our clients to use to build upon skills developed during treatment.

Activity 1: Laugh

Laughter is good for the soul. Take time to read a joke, watch a comedy, or laugh with a friend.

Activity 2: Say No

Practice the art of saying no. Setting boundaries is a way to honor yourself. It is important to say no to some things in order to maintain the time and energy for what is most precious to you and to make room for better things that are yet to come.

Activity 3: Treat Yourself

Take yourself on a spontaneous little adventure this weekend or just commit a chunk of time to do an activity that is life-giving.

Activity 4: Practice Gratitude

Write a thank you letter to your body. Our body image can be negative at times – take a moment to thank your body for the many ways it helps you take the world my storm.

Activity 5: Get Artsy

Do something artistic. Get out some art supplies and just play – no rules or limitations.

Activity 6: Plan

Make a plan for next week. Write down a few goals for yourself, your obstacles to meeting those goals, and your tools for overcoming them. You’ve got this!

Activity 7: Feel the Music

Play an upbeat song – especially one that makes you feel positive or inspired. Belt the words, dance like no one is watching, or just rock out in your car.

Activity 8: Love Yourself

Write down 10 things you love about yourself. Integrate these thoughts throughout your day and post each one in a place you’ll see it to keep yourself encouraged.

Activity 9: Make a Choice

Actively choose to love yourself and be happy today – no matter what happens. This can positively effect your mood and your outlook. 

Activity 10: Rest

Rest is crucial to recovery. Prioritize your need for sleep.