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Adolescent Girls

Eating Disorders and the Effect on Teens

The theme for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February 26-March 4) is Let’s Get Real, ...

Mother with Sad Daughter

Family Involvement in Eating Disorder Recovery

By: Darlene Graham, MA, LMHC, Family and Primary Therapist Families are systems. Although the ...

horses in field

Animal Connections That Lead to Healing

Horses are used in therapy to help mirror an individual’s behavior and attitude, helping to ...


Importance of Self-Compassion during Eating Disorder Recovery

by: Darlene Y. Graham, MA, LMHC Dr. Kristen Neff, a leading expert in the field of ...


Importance of Practicing Mindfulness in Eating Disorder Recovery

Several eating disorders share binge and restriction symptoms and appear to be a food-related ...

Young Woman Snow

Managing the Holiday Season in Eating Disorder Recovery

The holidays are full of family gatherings and social events and mingling over an array of ...

Colorful plate of fruits and vegetables.

The Role of the Registered Dietitian at Selah House

Recovering from an eating disorder requires a multi-disciplinary team including a medical ...

Thanksgiving themed decorations

Safeguard your Mental and Emotional Health at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings and relax, but for those struggling with an ...

Compulsive exercise image showing a silhouette of a woman running

Compulsive Exercise and the Selah House Approach

  We are constantly overloaded with information about the benefits for exercise and our ...

woman in an individual therapy session

Christ-centered Treatment

What is a Christ-centered treatment approach? At Selah House, it means we regard every person ...

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