Amanda Atkinson

Registered Dietitian

Amanda is a graduate of Ball State University and has been working with people who have Eating Disorders in all levels of care from Outpatient to Residential, since 2011. She has a passion for working at the Residential level of care specifically due to the connection developed when working closely with clients along with the ability to create unique experiences which help to push clients outside of their comfort zone in order to develop a more positive relationship with food. Amanda incorporates concepts of food and body neutrality as well as Health At Every Size into her work with clients. Amanda also enjoys being able to come alongside clients as they redefine their relationship with physical activity to a relationship that will contribute positively to their future.

Outside of her passion for treating Eating Disorders, Amanda is passionate about hunting, wildlife and conservation and is involved with several conservation organizations. She loves spending time with her husband and two dogs as well as visiting family.