Shelby Duncan at Selah

Shelby Duncan, RD, CD

Registered Dietitian

Shelby Duncan at SelahShelby is originally from Delaware, Ohio and attended Bluffton University earning a degree in food and nutrition. She then moved on and completed her dietetic internship through the University of Connecticut with a clinical focus at Hartford Hospital. In 2014, while in Nicaragua, she met her husband and they were married and moved to Indiana during the fall of 2015. It was during this exciting transition that she joined Selah House.

At Selah, she works closely with clients to create individualized meal plans that are appropriate for their specific treatment needs. These meal plans help empower clients to process and overcome fear and anxiety surrounding food. Utilizing the all-foods-fit model and Intuitive Eating Principles, she helps clients understand balance, variety, and moderation for a healthy lifestyle.

Beyond the meal plans, Shelby helps clients learn practical skills through real-life application of meals and understand the role their emotions have in their relationship to food and their body. For example, she will take clients on a grocery challenge as wells as a weekly cooking group. These provide an excellent opportunity for our clients to build trust with their body and confidence in their own ability to receive adequate nutrition.

Her favorite aspect of working at Selah House is seeing the sparkle and life return in the eyes of our clients who understand that they are a child of God, have a greater purpose in life and are no longer defined by their eating disorder.

“I may like to dress up at work, but off the clock, I love to adventure! Whether it’s backpacking with my husband, fishing in Canada, climbing mountains, or visiting a new place, I love the curiosity of adventures!”