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Experiential Therapies That Work

Our various therapy opportunities bring the unique and impactful benefit of experiential learning into our individualized treatment programs. Therapies are part of our holistic treatment approach, specifically designed to affect physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health during the process of recovery from eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia.

Read about art therapy used during eating disorder treatment
Art Therapy

We want to allow people to express and explore thoughts and feelings beyond just using words.

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Read about equine therapy used during eating disorder treatment
Equine Therapy

This approach helps with self-awareness, stress relief, decision-making skills, and behavioral changes through direct and purposeful contact with our horses.

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Read about yoga used during eating disorder treatment

We provide a safe, non-competitive space for clients to clear their minds, breathe deeply, and be present.

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Read about group therapy used during eating disorder treatment
Group Therapy

Collaborating with a diverse group of women who share similar feelings and experiences battling an eating disorder is a powerful vehicle to achieving lasting recovery.

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Read about individual therapy used during eating disorder treatment
Individual Therapy

One of the primary goals of these sessions is to develop skills and techniques to help manage emotions in a health way.

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Read about relaxation time used during eating disorder treatment
Relaxation Time

Our schedule and environment are specifically designed for intentional rest – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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