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It all started with a deep sense of calling.

The founders of Selah House were a group of ordinary men and women who shared a deep calling to help women struggling with eating disorders.  Many of these professionals were already serving women the best they could.  Meeting in coffee shops, churches, anywhere that could serve as a quiet place to listen and support to those in need.  The need was great and without any real organization, women had no place to find healing.

In early 2006, this group of passionate individuals began gathering and discussing an idea to create a home where women could find true healing and freedom from their eating disorders.  Everyone involved had a deep sense of calling to carry out the mission of caring for people and doing it as representatives of Jesus Christ.  It was from this foundation of a dedicated group of ordinary people who poured themselves into their work that Selah House was built.

August 2006, Selah House opened their first home, which was an eight-bed facility for adult women.  The mission was clear; to deliver the highest possible care in a homelike setting and doing it all in the name of Jesus Christ.  Women from around the country began coming and finding freedom.  But, the need was still great.

In 2011, the same passionate individuals continued to feel the deep calling to serve more than those who needed residential.  It was abundantly clear that many women were so sick, they needed an even higher level of care and had very little access.  Once again, Selah knew it needed to intervene.

Selah House opened its Inpatient level of care in 2011.  This allowed Selah to open its doors to an even greater number of women and to offer care in a way that people could access it through participation by insurance companies.  Still to this day, Selah House is still the only Inpatient facility in Indiana.

But the call came again that there were not only adults who needed treatment but teens.  In 2013, these passionate individuals once again poured themselves into opening a home for teen girls struggling with eating disorders.  This care was consistent with the adult program by providing the highest quality of care, in a homelike setting, all done in the name of Jesus Christ.

Today, Selah House as an organization is still being called.  We see that our clients need a step down level of care before returning home.  So, in 2017 we opened another program that supports recovery by helping our clients transition out of higher levels of care.

While our organization has grown and evolved, the calling has remained the same. We continue to serve our clients with clinically excellent care in a homelike setting that is all done as representatives of Jesus Christ.

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