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The Selah Journey

Our time together begins with a conversation to help us tailor the best program for your needs. Once you are here, we support you physically, emotionally and spiritually, every day. Through our excellent clinical team, specialized therapies, group and individual counseling sessions and space to rediscover yourself, we provide a safe and loving environment to set you up on the best path for a successful, long-term recovery.

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Initial Conversation

The first step, which can feel like the most challenging, is contacting us at Selah House. Whether you merely want to inquire about information or you’re ready to commit to treatment, our caring staff is waiting to get to know you and walk with you on this journey to recovery. Rest assured that the love and care of our team begins with every single email and phone call received from those inquiring about the healing process.

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Assessment & Cost

Our admission team conducts an initial assessment over the phone or in person in order to best understand the unique and comprehensive needs of each individual. This conversation will involve discussing personal and often difficult information, therefore, we will schedule this for a time when you are in a private and safe location, with the ability to speak honestly and freely about your situation.

In addition to an overall assessment, our admission team will contact your insurance providers to inquire about benefits. We are in-network with most major health insurance plans, and will work on your behalf with your insurance company to fully develop a detailed financial plan to ensure the proper care is received.

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Coming to Selah

Leaving your family and home for treatment can be a mixture of emotions. The decision to leave what is familiar and travel to a new location can be a challenge; but it is also a fresh start. Upon your arrival, you can expect a group of people who are excited to meet you and help you settle into your new home.

Our team of specialists will help you settle into your room and meet the other residents. You will complete final paperwork and a comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluation, and our team will be with you every step of the way.


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Life at Selah

Life at Selah begins with building meaningful, authentic relationships with both staff and other Selah clients. You will experience a wide-variety of therapies such as art therapy, body image and equine therapy, and other purposefully designed activities and outings. Amidst laughter, fun and fellowship, there is also intentional time for rest, relaxation, and personal reflection. You receive multiple avenues of support through individual and group-level therapy. Furthermore, you will engage in regular communication with family through phone calls, weekend visits, and family therapy sessions.

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Our high staff-to-patient ratios are crucial in facilitating a successful recovery process. Our team of devoted experts will guide you through a highly-individualized treatment plan that utilizes a combination of treatment modalities to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our multi-disciplinary treatment teams consist of a psychiatrist, medical doctor, therapists, dietitian, nurse, chaplain, recovery care specialists, intake coordinator, and our aftercare alumni coordinator. All of our team members are highly trained and passionate about engaging you with compassion, understanding, and without judgement.

Individualized treatment plans are developed with your involvement and comprised of evidence based treatment interventions.


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Your last day at Selah is a moment of celebration. At this time, staff and other clients encourage and support you in your transition back to your home. We develop a clear plan to continue your treatment at a lower level of care with your local support. We also spend time with your family, when appropriate, to make sure everyone is as prepared as can be for your return.

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We emphasize sustained recovery by helping you learn the needed skills while in treatment, offering step-down levels of care to prepare you for leaving, and ongoing support as alumni of our program.

A step-down option allows clients to test their learned skills in a safe and supported environment before returning home. This approach provides the highest level of support for sustained recovery.

Our comprehensive aftercare planning ensures you are connected to a support team at home. This includes finding you a therapist and dietitian in your local community. Our goal is your sustained recovery. Providing a seamless continuity of care is the foundation.


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Staying Connected

Often, leaving Selah can be another one of the most challenging steps in lasting recovery – separating from a place of continual love and support, and returning back to the outside world. We recognize this challenge and prepare you and your family well for the transition to your life after treatment. We will continue to stay in touch with you and offer resources, encouragement, and self-care tips reinforcing the messages you received during your time with us.

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