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A recovery path as unique as you. Our treatment philosophy is designed to provide an affordable treatment alternative to inpatient care.
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Christian Eating Disorder Treatment

At our faith-based eating disorder treatment center in Indiana, you can achieve recovery and freedom from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.
At our eating disorder treatment center, we focus on the individual, not the symptoms, and consider the whole person to ensure long-term recovery. We offer bulimia treatment, anorexia treatment, and treatment for other eating disorders at our eating disorder clinic using individualized treatment plans and proven therapies.

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Selah House Outpaces National Clinical Benchmarks

As one of the best inpatient eating disorder treatment centers in the U.S., in 2020 Selah House’s outcomes surpassed comparable eating disorder treatment facilities nationwide across key symptom severity measures. Data was validated using BASIS-24, a leading behavioral assessment tool developed by Harvard and McLean hospital.

Care Through Culinary TM:
Nourishing the Mind, Body, and Soul

At our eating disorder treatment center, a vital part of treatment involves helping each client rebalance their relationship with food, their mind and body, and their soul. Through our Care Through Culinary™ program, we help clients progress in their recoveries by:
  • Teaching them how to plan, shop, and prepare meals
  • Helping them build supportive communities during meals with others
  • Supporting them as they actively explore culinary options
  • Providing welcoming therapeutic environments to help them change behaviors and overcome fears

Eating Disorder Recovery Center

The flexible programs at our eating disorder treatment center are designed to aid in each client’s long-term success. Selah’s eating disorder clinic focuses on higher levels of care and offers a clear step-down process so that clients don’t feel abandoned after returning home. Our treatment programs include those listed below.

Inpatient Program

Our inpatient program is the highest level of care we offer. As one of the best inpatient eating disorder treatment centers in the U.S , we specialize in caring for clients who need medical stabilization because of their eating disorder.

Residentials Program

Our residential eating disorder clinic offers an excellent step-down option from the inpatient level. It’s an alternative for clients who are medically stable but still need a highly structured, 24-hour treatment environment. Our residential program includes bulimia treatment, anorexia treatment, and treatment for other eating disorders.

Adolescent and Teen Program

Eating disorders affect adolescents and teenagers across the country, however, these problems regularly go unnoticed. With the help of the clinicians at our eating disorder treatment center, your child can regain their health and overall wellness.

Christian Eating Disorder Program

When searching for eating disorder residential treatment centers, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At Selah, our intimate faith-based eating disorder treatment center makes the decision easy.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Selah’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the least intensive of our treatment offerings. It provides our clients a safe environment to practice recovery skills in real-life situations.

Aftercare Program

Often, leaving eating disorder residential treatment centers can be another one of the most challenging steps in a lasting recovery. We can help in the process of separating from a place of continual love and support and returning to the outside world.

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Eating Disorder Retreat

Nothing about Selah is institutional. Our two beautiful houses provide eating disorder retreat-like settings that are safe and comfortable. Upon arrival, each client is welcomed into care by our compassionate and caring staff. Our holistic approach to eating disorder treatment meets the unique needs of each individual on their path to recovery.

What Alumni and Families are Saying

We’re proud to help so many individuals achieve long-term recovery from eating disorders. Read through what our alumni and their families have to say about Selah House’s eating disorder retreat-like programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

At our eating disorder recovery center, we work with many major commercial insurance companies and are in-network with several. Prior to admission, we ensure that each client has a financial plan that works for them, so there aren’t any surprises. While clients are in treatment, our Utilization Review Team works diligently to partner with insurance providers to maximize the benefits available to each client. For more information, visit our Admissions Page
Yes. Selah House is a part of the Odyssey Eating Disorder Network. We have several eating disorder treatment facilities across the United States, including:
Yes, Selah House is a binge eating disorder treatment center. To learn more about our treatment for binge eating disorder, click here. 
Yes. At Selah House, we offer anorexia therapy and bulimia therapy. We also treat avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), binge eating disorder, compulsive exercise disorder, and other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED).

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