Nutritional care at Selah

Why is nutritional care important in eating disorder recovery?

An eating disorder can lead to severe health consequences for all systems of the body such as electrolyte imbalance, osteoporosis, and heart issues. Malnourishment leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies which affect the body and the brain. The lack of absorption of critical nutrients into the body prevents the brain from producing neurotransmitters, or brain…

truth about eating disorders

Understanding the Truth About Eating Disorders

As with most mental illnesses, including eating disorders, there is a vast amount of misinformation and biases. This distorted information, combined with the stigmatizing attitudes of shame and embarrassment, has permeated our society and hindered treatment.  National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is the perfect time to raise awareness, which can lead to a shift in…


Importance of Self Love during Eating Disorder Recovery

by: Darlene Y. Graham, MA, LMHC Dr. Kristen Neff, a leading expert in the field of self-compassion defines it as follows: “Self-compassion is extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering.” In our self-compassion groups at Selah House, I use this definition to invite clients to learn how to give themselves grace.  Often a…