Happy woman in a field is not part of teen eating disorder statistics any longer

Teen Eating Disorder Statistics

Are you looking for teen eating disorder statistics? Seeing the numbers about various disorders can demonstrate just how serious anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders are. Despite the statistics, however, it’s important to know that treatment is available, whether it’s you or a loved one who’s struggling. Teen Eating Disorder Statistics Parents Should Be Aware…


The Importance of Our Registered Dietitian

As part of National Nutrition Month, we also celebrate Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day. This is a time to increase awareness of our registered dietitian nutritionists as the indispensable providers of food and nutrition services.  At Selah House, we thank our registered dietitians, Shelby Duncan and Rachel VanWoerden, and our Director of Therapeutic Services, Jessica Ward…

Woman leans on counter and wonders how to stop compulsive eating

How to Stop Compulsive Eating

Therapists consider compulsive eating to be a part of a binge eating disorder. Learning how to stop compulsive eating can have a positive impact in the short run. However, to counteract the condition in the long term, you will likely require therapy. Here’s what you need to know. Regain Control Over Destructive Eating Cycles Binge…

woman noticing effects of bulimia

How to Combat the Effects of Bulimia

Eating disorders are a widespread and complicated phenomenon in America. Bulimia is particularly complicated because the effects of bulimia are less obvious than those of anorexia. However, the effects of bulimia can be incredibly dangerous to both the body and mind. That’s why we here at Selah House have set out to educate the public…