Your Selah Experience

If you would like to talk to someone in person who has finished Selah’s Eating Disorder Treatment Program, call our office at 866-324-8081 and we will connect you.


Everything and everyone at Selah house is there for you. You have an army of people who are qualified to give you the help and support you need. It changed my life


Saved our daughter. The staff was wonderful and communicated so well. It’s great to have my daughter back!!! I would highly recommend Selah House.


Selah House saved and changed my life. I’ve never been met with more compassion, love, and a desire from staff to help me get well. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking into treatment.


Selah saved my life. I would definitely recommend Selah to anyone who’s struggling and needs help. The staff here are literally the best! They all genuinely care about helping you reach recovery. I thank God everyday for Selah House.


Most excellent trauma informed, family centered, collaborative treatment program of eating disorders.


I’m writing to say thank you to the Selah House team.  Today was much more emotional than I anticipated.  You all have done such a great job caring for and restoring my daughter back to health, physically and mentally the past two months, that I can’t say thank you enough.  She really has changed from the girl we dropped off.  This life is a journey but I know she will always remember her experience there. Thank you again and may God continue to bless, strengthen, and encourage you all in the work that you do.


Selah House saved my life. All the staff is amazing and so caring. They go above and beyond to help you overcome your eating disorder. So much love for them!



The staff at Selah were some of the kindest humans I have ever met! They genuinely care about you, make you feel at home, and make you feel so very loved! They gave me the chance to live my life to its fullest. They did an AMAZING job helping me cope with urges, dealing with my emotions, blocking out and understanding ED, and helping me realize that I am worth recovery. I could never thank these wonderful humans enough for all that they helped me with!!


Robert and Holly

Wow! What a wonderful experience to attend and participate in your family week with our daughter. Your program is awesome and we were very pleased to be included. Our daughter is in the right place!

After more than eleven years and five hospitalizations in four different venues, we feel very fortunate that our daughter is in Selah House. For the first time we are optimistic that she has a great opportunity for a bright future.

As you well know the stress on the family dynamics has been overwhelming these past eighteen months. After participating in your program last week we now have a much better insight into her disease process, our role and responsibility in dealing with it, and the foundation and purpose of your program.

After traveling more than one thousand miles and arriving at two-thirty am in Anderson, IN., we were definitely not ready for the challenge facing us. Upon entering the Selah House, meeting the staff and experiencing the warmth and love conveyed by all, the tone was set for our awesome experience. It is little wonder that our daughter has expressed her feeling of “security, home, family and being loved.” Your title “Selah House,” which translates from the Aramaic word means properly ‘at ease or at rest,’ conveying both the contentment and security connotes quite well what lies within the beautiful facility housing your program.

During our three-day visit we experienced the feeling that your staff had a true and genuine commitment that it was their MINISTRY to serve our daughter and lead her to the freedom of living as the rest of us have. We are truly blessed that she is under you care.

Each of you were very kind to us and very special to our daughter.

With great respect and deep appreciation,

Sincerely yours,
-Robert and Holly

P.S.  The unique and special aspect of the equine program provides an additional dimension to your outstanding facilities.

Dawn and Roger

Dear Selah House Staff,

Please allow me to extend my personal praise and gratitude to each and every one of you, as my daughter begins to find her path away from her eating disorder, and toward recovery, life and the light. I wanted to take the opportunity to provide this testimonial for families who may be considering this program.

Everyone at Selah will remember where our daughter was at the point of intake. She was angry, depressed and so sick that we worried she would not be alive long enough to enter Selah. It was no small task to convince her to enter treatment at all, but you walked with her patiently and courageously, to ensure that she arrived as scheduled to begin her program. You responded to my frequent frantic calls with compassion, and she checked in on my daughter regularly to be sure that she was alright. Finally the day arrived when it was time to enter the peace that Selah House can offer. I could not have been more grateful to turn her over to their care. Every day we were in fear for her life.

With our primary therapist and our family therapist, we journeyed together to renew family relationships that had withered under the oppression of ED. Family week was grueling, exhausting and liberating. Blame was removed and discovery began. I believe that this amazing staff has truly opened the door for my daughter to begin to live and explore life in the Grace of Jesus Christ – as she has never felt before. Last night I told my daughter that I had not felt so happy in a long time…and she agreed.

This recovery has taken us on many twists and turns as we discover who my daughter really is, behind the performance, the perfectionism, the masks and the dynamics of our family. Her journey forward will look different from what we had envisioned for her, but that is what has been so very exciting about this process. Finally, I feel as though my daughter is developing a vision for HERSELF. And we are able to enjoy her more fully as she more fully discovers her own gifts and talents and plans for life.

When we were first considering treatment, we were recommended first to another treatment facility, which just did not “feel” right to me, or to my daughter. Women with ED are broken and need spiritual support and encouragement. Very few treatment facilities in this country appropriately combine both the tools to support the soul and the heart, along with the medical and therapeutic programming that is needed to bring about the overwhelming changes that need to happen for recovery to begin. Selah House is everything that I had prayed for, and more. It is hard to believe that it is as close as Anderson, Indiana.

Other parents may have concerns about the “credentials” of the team members at Selah. This staff is first rate. All of the professional members of the staff have been treating eating disorders as qualified specialists for years. It is only the house that is new. The house, however, has been the dream of the founders and it serves as a life support for those of us who have family members who needed that level of support. A particular benefit of Selah House, as a Central Indiana parent, is that Selah and the Selah family will be close enough to give my beautiful daughter ongoing support as her recovery continues. Once a part of this amazing family, always a part of the family. With Selah, residential treatment can continue through both outpatient and aftercare programs. The ability to provide aftercare is key to ongoing recovery and freedom. This is a difficult disorder to conquer, and the path to recovery is sometimes long and crooked. Selah is uniquely able to support their patients all along that path.

I would be remiss to not thank the 24 hour hour support of all the ancillary members of this team, who will now be life-long friends of our family. All of the RCs, the dietitian, the nurse…just everyone. These people clearly love the Lord, love the girls, love their work. And we love them, too. And that doesn’t even include the amazing residents and their terrific families, who we have grown to love as well.

Some people may be concerned about the role of religion at Selah House. My daughter was raised in an evangelical Christian family, but she had felt disconnected from God as her disease held her in its grip. Selah House is not based in a particular faith, but God is very much present within its doors. The faith aspect of Selah is strong, and as my daughter looks back at her time there, I think she will tell you that it was a critical component of the “why she should get well” aspect of recovery. Without God it is hard to see your purpose in the world, and without purpose, it is hard to be willing to do the work that is necessary. For nearly any woman who enters Selah with a belief in a loving, creator God, the faith component will be a source of hope and strength.

Finally, I know that if you are reading this letter, you are feeling hopeless and anguished and lost….and you are looking at the Selah House web site wondering if this might be your answer. You see a lovely place that seems like it might be a place where you personally can go, or could send your hurting friend or loved one. Selah House is all of what you see, and so much more. I have never met a more committed and invested group of professionals anywhere. Selah House has been an answer to our prayers, and could be yours as well.

Dawn and Roger

Pastor Ron

Pastor Testimonial

A young lady from our church was suffering from depression and an eating disorder. After checking several places she and her family decided to send her to Selah House. Knowing it was going to cost quite a bit they asked if our church could help them out. They would be glad to pay everything back over time. It was just that the need was immediate, but they certainly could not afford it up front. We wrote a letter and sent it to about 125 families in our church explaining the need to them. To keep the giving confidential, if someone chose to give, they sent the money to the man who is in charge of our charity fund and not myself. I was overwhelmed at the response! Some said they were in tears as they read the letter understanding it could easily be their daughter. Others gave, then told me they would be glad to give more. Some who did not receive a letter, also gave when they heard about it. Fortunately we met our goal with the first letter so we did not have to send out a second one. I do not know who gave and who did not, unless as I mentioned some told me they would be glad to give more. I do know that our response was well over 90%. Included in the letter was the parents’ desire to pay back each individual who gave. We offered that in the letter, but every single response was negative. Everyone wanted this as a charitable donation and none considered it a loan. If you know anyone in your church that is struggling with an eating disorder, you may be surprised at the financial support that is available if you just ask. We truly are a body and when one member suffers we all suffer. It is a joy to be able to help someone. As of now, the young lady has dramatically improved and has been home for a couple of months. There is ongoing counseling but with the stay at Selah House, the support of friends and the power of the Holy Spirit she is doing well.

~ Pastor Ron


Selah has fulfilled more emotions and needs than any binge, purge, or quick fix any diet pill could do for me!

I found a place where I could connect with the obstacles that were standing in the way of me being in control of my life.

“Team Selah” was a group of individuals that came together for me through nutrition, therapy, equine, dance, and spirituality that gave me a life altering experience to break free from ED.

The Journey to Recovery from ED…
S – Strength, Support, Spirituality
E – Eliminating the mask of your eating disorder
L – Love for you and life after ED
A – Affirmations for a healthier life
H – Health, Happiness, Hope

If you’re reading this then you need the help… Get it. Selah is the place to get your life back.



Upon entering Selah House I felt an immediate sense of security and love. The staff conveyed such love and empathy. They were truly there to make a difference and to launch me into the freedom to live life without an eating disorder.

Not only is the staff amazing; with their unconditional love and their ability to make you feel like family, but the equine experience provides an amazing component of the treatment program at Selah House. Never before could I have imagined how a connection with a horse could help lead me to get in touch with and understand my deepest emotions. There is a unique connection between working with a horse and identifying components of my eating disorder.

In closing, I should mention that the unique family program is outstanding. I have been in five different treatment facilities and have never experienced such intense and beneficial family work.

I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to be at Selah House. For the first time I am confident that I can walk into freedom and have a bright future without an eating disorder.

With Deepest Love and Appreciation,



Entering Selah House’s residential program has deeply changed my life. Throughout my 8-year struggle with ED, I never met one person who had or was struggling with an eating disorder. People kept telling me that tons of people struggle, yet no one was talking. I prayed God would bring one strong Christian woman, JUST one…into my life who would at least understand what I was dealing with. When I entered Selah, God not only gave me one woman who understood it, He gave me a rotating household of INCREDIBLE women who had walked the road I was walking, and had brought them through to the side of recovery. I have never felt such renewed hope than when I entered Selah House and was received with such genuine warmth and love. I knew then that God had brought me to Selah to finally heal.

I placed my trust in God and His ability to use the staff at Selah to make me whole, and I’m a free woman today because of their willingness to be used by God to heal me. I cannot thank them all enough for daily walking me through to recovery and teaching me to separate who I am from who ED is. I used to walk in shame, but now I walk in confidence. In John 10:10, Jesus says “…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” I am finally living life to the full, thanks to the help of the loving and genuine staff at Selah House.
With loving gratitude,



Thank you, all of you, for your support and encouragement while I was in treatment and even now as I enter back into my life. I couldn’t have grown, matured, or overcome my struggles without each and everyone of your individual help and concern, as well as your thoughts! I hope the best for Selah in the future, because it is a great place where those who struggle really can find freedom! I would recommend Selah to anybody who is struggling with an eating disorder! Getting treatment was definitely worth it, and was one of the best choices that I have ever made!



Angels of Hope entered my life. Those Angels are the entire team here at the Selah House. For 18 years, I have been an abused victim of an eating disorder. That eating disorder stole my life as a friend, teacher, wife, mother, and person in general. Program after program, I searched for hope in terms of finally finding a road to recovery, painfully hitting pot after pot hole along the way. My road has been paved at least by the most incredible team of people I have ever known.
From the moment I entered treatment; I have been encouraged, nurtured, accepted, applauded, loved, and most of all challenged by people who believed that I could find recovery. The main therapist team were able to look me in the eye, and see when I was truly present myself or if it was the presence of my eating disorder. Each of these team members held my hand and lent me a shoulder to cry on as they walked me through the blackness of my past. They helped me thaw out in terms of being able to experience feelings and emotions that had been put away for many years.

Other wonderful aspects of the Selah program have been all the different therapy groups. Writing group helped me listen to music and connect to meaning of verbal sounds. Art therapy encouraged me to find the inner child that so longed to be unleashed. Dance and movement therapy helped me get in touch with my body by relaxing and listening to my inner beauty. Beading group allowed me to be creative and develop beautiful, expressive pieces of jewelry to wear with pride to celebrate my journey to recovery. Body image group helped me see just how much my eating disorder lies to me. I got to see how twisted my body image was through my eating disorders eyes and after 7 weeks to finally be able to see my body through the eyes God gave me. Nutrition group taught me the truth about eating for the nourishment of my body. Finally , the Selah group helped me open up my heart to the Lord.

In the beginning of recovery, I was angry with God and even doubted his existence. I continually thought that He was purposefully ignoring my cries for help and letting me suffer through years of pain and agony. Through the affirmations of many people, I was able to see God in a way that I need to see Him. One particular RC, helped me see God’s love all around me. His love has been with my every second of every day through the love of people around me, through the beauty of nature, and the guidance to the Selah House. I am so thankful for God’s blessings upon the Selah House. He has provided those of us with painful eating disorders the presence of His love here in this home.

I pray for each man or woman with an eating disorder to be guided as I was to the Selah House. I pray that you experience the hope I felt. The hope that freedom from an eating disorder can and will happen under the roof of the Selah House with God’s love upon us.

Selah has saved my life and helped me embrace the gifts God has granted me.

~ Melanie


It has been one year since I commenced from Selah House. Though I have had some bumps in the road, I am pleased with where I am today. Words cannot express the gratitude I have to all involved in my recovery process. I know, at times, I did not make it easy. You are a gift from God to me on this earth. You believed in me when I did not. I trusted you when I could not trust myself. You took my hand when I did not know which way to go. I was loved by you when I believed I was unloveable. You guided me to where I am today.

Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. I hope to continue to grow and make you proud. I hope to be to you, what you are to me, a true inspiration. I thank God for you and not only today, but everday of my life.

~ Love, Michelle


When I entered Selah House I had little hope of living. My eating disorder had taken over my life and I was actually hoping it would kill me rather than try to live life with it. The admissions process truly saved my life. I was desperate for help and was losing any fight I had left in me, but Chaia gave me hope in my assessment. It was different than any of the other several treatment centers I had been assessed by. I was skeptical when I heard that the majority of the staff had suffered from eating disorders, because I didn’t believe it was possible to be free from these horrible diseases. My skepticism was challenged the second I entered Selah. I saw the staff’s eyes and voices full of life and emotion. They gave me hope that just maybe I could experience the same freedom. I made things difficult for myself and the staff out of my fear of changing and mistrust of their care for me, but they patiently loved me and waited for my heart to change. Never have people given me such continual support. They didn’t give up on me, much to my surprise. I’ve never had people have that much confidence or faith in the potential for freedom they saw in me.
God is truly amazing to have worked through the Selah staff to transform my life. I never believed I would have freedom from my eating disorder, but I am slowly coming alive day by day. I feel hope, and for the first time can see myself as a beautiful, cherished, precious child of God. For the first time I can actually feel freedom in my heart from the lies that have bound me for so long, and genuine happiness. I have hope for the amazing future God has for me! For the first time I feel capable of seeing the gifts and beauty within myself and it is so liberating.
The team at Selah House completely changed my life and I will forever be so thankful to them! I never would have fought for my freedom if it wasn’t for them!

~ Mindy


“Selah gave me my life back. Before going to Selah this May, I had battled an eating disorder for about 7 years. I had tried other treatment options, but with little success. I never gave up hope of recovering though. The first time I came to Selah, I knew I had found the people who could truly lead me to freedom. Most of the Selah staff have recovered from an eating disorder themselves, so they truly knew what I was feeling, and that is such a powerful gift when helping others.
They are the most caring group of people I have ever met. I know that every one at Selah truly loves me and cares about me for who I am. At Selah, I discovered my true self apart from Ed, and I am a pretty neat person :-). So Ed, get lost! I do not need to be sick in order to get my needs met and receive care and attention. The care and attention I receive when I am healthy is about 100 times more fun and enjoyable than when I was sick. People like hanging out with me; Not Ed!
Selah was truly a gift from God. He was with me every step of the way and is with me now as I am transitioning back to home. God allowed me to have the wonderful opportunity to do the Selah residential program, and I am so thankful.
I am now choosing to walk in freedom, and it is amazing. I never thought this level of freedom even existed, but it does. Recovery is hard, but worth it. Every day I am going to choose life over Ed.”

~ Erin


To all my wonderful counselors at Selah House, those recovered, and those yet to come:

I was consumed by my eating disorder for years, trying to cope and make my way through life. Ironically, it wasn’t a life at all. It wasn’t until entering Selah where I began to grasp the idea of life again. I say grasp, because it has been a long journey for me, before Selah, after, and now. We sometimes expect everything to fall into place once we reach that “recovered” title, and for some, it does; but for others, it’s just the beginning. I’d like to humbly say that my beginning started at Selah House, a long, but rewarding journey that I’d never thought would lead me to where I am today.

Fooling everyone but myself, I managed to finish 3 years of college with ED, but just barely. Going through the motions is what kept me vaguely alive from the outside, but slowly vanishing from the inside. I never realized how selfish, deceitful and detached from others I really was. This disease can kill you, but the emotional consequences are unfortunately just as harmful. Ruining numerous relationships, breaking family ties, and hurting everyone along the way is something I can never take back. It has been and still is a long process to go back and mend these hurts, but in time, I believe change is possible.

After leaving Selah, I unfortunately fell prey to another addiction, alcohol. Transferring of addictions is common, but I never saw this coming. I had ended my life with ED, but found myself craving something, anything. After a couple of runs- ins with the law, jail time, and other legal issues, I entered treatment again: but for alcoholism. I’m saying this because my journey is one that has led me to where I am now. It has been 2 years that I have been sober, and 4 years in recovery from ED. It took me a long time to accept these challenges given to me in life. Always asking, “God, why me?” It wasn’t until later that I would realize the significance and gratefulness I felt toward God for leading me in his path. Many may think I’m crazy for thanking the Lord for these things to happen to me, and believe me, it wasn’t easy, and it took time. Expecting everything to go as planned is something I always pursued. Thinking that if I just did this, then this would happen and everything would lead to happily ever after. After realizing that pursuing my own plans wasn’t the answer, this verse spoke wonders to me. Proverbs 19:21, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” It took years, and many addictions to realize that we can plan things for our lives and pursue things we think we deserve, but it is ultimately the Lord’s plan that will conquer. Amen.

I once read in a devotional, “It’s easy to call God unfair when his plan doesn’t fit ours.” Often in my addictions I would accuse God of being unfair and unjust….why me?! Why this?! I’ve since learned that what we call unfair is actually unconditional love. Think about it, he brought us to the very depths of ourselves and of this world, unfair? Not at all. He loves us so much that He brought us to where we were so that he could bring us out of it. I could never have imagined myself saying what I just have, but God works in mysterious ways! To everyone struggling, believe…believe that it only gets better. Hitting rock bottom is a blessing, for then, can you only look up…and looking up, God will grab you from the deepest depths and pull you closer and closer to him, if you just believe. I know, I have been there, numerous times, and he has never, ever, let me down.

Since Selah House, I have obtained my CNA license and had the opportunity to travel to Honduras on a medical mission trip. This experience was one filled with gratitude, humility, and appreciation. I am now graduating in May with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, something my family never thought I’d achieve because of my addictions. I have applied for grad school which I plan to attend in the fall for a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology. My goal is to get CADC and/or CEDS certified and work with others who were once where I was. I could not have done this without the grace of God. God is who led me to Selah House, through further correction, and finally to where I ultimately believe where he wants me to be. I may not be able to change my past, but I can use it to my advantage and as a tool for my future, which I fully intend to do.

Serenity has been a word that has stuck with me from day one at Selah House. I never really understood the meaning of it, but for some reason it took a hold of me. Looking back, it means even more, a word I can rely on daily. Just knowing that God will pursue you, that he will not give up, is a security I will always cherish. So many times I thought he gave up, when really I was the one that gave up on him, and he would reassure me of that. I know he has a plan for me, one that is fulfilling its course right now as I write this. Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” It was this verse that carried me along my path and still does. Knowing that He is the provider, the all knowing, and the wonderful director of our lives. Once we give our lives to him, He will make it more than we could ever imagine. That is why I have Serenity tattooed on my ankle (with the Selah S). Not even knowing it, Selah gave me my ground, my starting point, and my place to grow into who I am today. I have finally reached serenity in my life; one that I know will only get better with time if I just stay with the Lord and give it all to him. It may be unexpected and unknown, but that is why we have faith. The unexpected is what changed my life, and suffice to say, that’s just the way God wanted it. As they say, a journey must begin with a single step, and yes…yes it does!

~ Jillian


My family and I are immeasurably grateful to God and to all of the staff at Selah House. I battled with my eating disorder for eight years and had begun to give myself completely over to it when God orchestrated a chain of events that lead me into the admissions office at Selah House. From then on, every therapist, counselor, cook, and fellow resident took each step with me along my way to recovery. I truly did “walk into freedom” at Selah House. Now, I am a year into my recovery and continue to use the tools given to me as a resident on a daily basis. Every bit of information that I learned while at the house plays into my recovery every day. It IS possible to escape the grip of E.D. and Selah is a wonderful, God-centered, loving, and compassionate place to start the road to a life of recovery and of freedom.

~ Kristen


Life is…AMAZING. Like, I’m free. “Recovered”, whatever. Living my life, doing everything I was never able to do with Ana (anorexia). Eating whatever I want, working out when I want to (I honestly am lazy and don’t really like to work out in the first place!) not when I feel guity about eating. Guilty about eating? That’s almost a joke now.

Seriously, I am so happy. But I’m realistic. I go through problems, get mad at my boyfriend ( Yes! I have an amazing boyfriend who I have been with for 9 months, and I have never been one to gush about a boy…but he is everything I could want and more 🙂 ) and everyday stuff and it NEVER even crosses my mind to grab a razor blade or throw up. I can let loose and have a good time, and NOT FEEL GUILTY about being a sometimes crazy college kid!! 😉
I never really believed anyone when they said I could live my life in freedom….but if what I have is not freedom, I don’t know what is. I am content with myself, my friends, my family….just life. And I don’t expect perfection anymore. Perfection does not exist!

I have not weighed myself 8 months…probably longer. And I don’t even care. I buy jeans based on how I look in them…not the size. And truthfully, I weigh more than I did in all four times in treatment. But I still look fierce, and I will always look GOOD at any weight as long as I am comfortable with myself.
INSANE, RIGHT? That I actually believe that. I do. I am just so thankful for everyone at Selah, I really am. I am actually switching my major this semester to psychology.  After all the times I wanted to KILL EVERYONE who tried to help me….that’s what I want to do. I have SUCH a huge passion for just helping other women to see that recovery is possible…and being RECOVERED is possible. I’m living proof!

I miss you so much and you have been an amazing inspiration to me. I will never forget everything you did to help me, when I did not think I was going to live past my 18th birthday.

And here I am…20 years old and living free!



I remember when I first came to Selah and experienced all the love and self praise I was given every day. To be honest at first it felt so abnormal and I hated it so much because it felt so untrue to me but after a while of hearing the uplifting encouragement it became something I craved to hear. During my days with ED all I ever heard was my self-hate talk and I never let the love of others be heard.

The love at Selah mirrored the same love that Christ has shown me and is still showing me by his amazing mercy and forgiveness. Two years later my marriage is being healed and my relationship with my 2 beautiful daughters is being healed. It’s been a long hard road but so very worth it! Along my journey I’ve learned to give myself grace for my failures and slips back to ED, but also I’ve learned to pick myself up and let the love of others help me to keep moving forward into my recovery.

The biggest battle I’ve faced is learning to forgive myself for the years I’ve lost in ED that took me away from my children. Years I can never get back! My daughters have shown me such forgiveness and love. I’ve let myself grieve for the loss and I’ve let myself cry through the pain and then I let myself heal while I’m remembering I’m not defined by what I did but I am defined on what I’m doing now. I’m tired of letting the past define my future; instead I’m leaving the past where it belongs IN THE PAST and working toward a bright loving future with the most precious gifts in life I have and that’s my daughters, my husband and guess what ME!

Thank you Selah for loving me, and Thank you to the most important one that helps me every day and that is my Lord Jesus Christ! Without his love and grace I would not be where I am today!

I Love and Miss you all!


The 3 months I spent at Selah are the 3 months that I credit for being alive today. I entered Selah after a 14 year battle with anorexia and bulimia. I had been to Remuda in Arizona twice, each time for 6 months, and while the year I spent out at RR helped save the life of my body, my time at Selah saved the life of my soul.

I entered Selah pretty skeptical, wondering if recovery would every truly be possible for me, yet there was a small part of me that was still hopeful. It was more than I could have ever imagined. From the moment I had my initial phone call with Gayla in admissions I knew that I needed to be there. It took a couple months from that first phone call until my admission, but the second I walked through the doors I knew I was safe. And I knew that I was willing to do absolutely anything they asked of me if it meant freedom from ED in the end. Those 3 months were 3 of the hardest months of my life, however I wouldn’t trade one of those meals I cried through, therapy sessions I ran from or pair of jeans I ended up burning for ANYTHING. The staff at Selah is unbelievable. The majority of them are in recovery and that truly was a catalyst in my own recovery. Being able to see true freedom walked out in front of you everyday makes you believe that it’s possible and completely attainable.

I left Selah with a greater knowledge of not only who I am, but a deeper knowledge of who God is as well. Making the choice to reclaim your life by making the decision to enter Selah will be a choice you will be forever thankful for. I know I am…


I have considered writing a testimonial/ thanksgiving note many times, but always find a reason to delay. This past Monday, I began with a new therapist (as I have recently relocated), and one of her questions to me was what has kept me out of inpatient for six years (I was at Selah House-adult six years ago). My simple response was; ‘I experienced love at my messiest, and because of love I know fighting for recovery is worth it.’

Although, I entered treatment for an eating disorder six years ago, only recently have I considered and decided to walk through the things long hidden… and, I would say, that is why, six years later, I am still (or finally), working toward recovery/ renewal/ transformation.

Seeing God’s love through those at Selah House is what leads me today to look for God’s radical love throughout each day, and believe because of God’s great love- recovery is worth it.

Thank you for the work you do.


I wanted to take a minute and reflect upon my wife’s stay and treatment team at Selah House.

It is without trepidation that I make the following points regarding Selah. Our family has been extremely blessed to be afforded the chance to interact, be educated, and receive treatment from such a comprehensive program. This program focuses on a magnitude of dynamics that play an ever important aspect in treating the devastating and debilitating role an eating disorder plays on one’s ability to love and function in society.

The staff and house provide ample opportunities and tools for these young women to express their feelings and address the multifaceted issues that lie behind eating disorders. Having been affiliated with treatment centers around the United States which are deemed “the best”, not one of them have addressed the issues in such a comprehensive manner as Selah.

One facet which makes this program unique is the level of competency, love, dedication, and care that everyone from the directors to evening resident counselors displays for the girls. Not one of them views their role as a paycheck – they all make it their mission to see the residents succeed.

In addition to the staff, I feel that open communication is vital to the family of the loved one if they so desire. This program is by far the best at informing, sharing, returning calls, and updating the family of their loved one’s condition. They also provide and intense family week which is conducive to both clients and families.
In closing, if a person was to look up the definitions of success, guidance, dedication, love, support, and nurturing, and then look for these positive attributes in a residential program, they would find that Selah possesses them all. This is truly one of the finest organizations that I have ever been affiliated with. I am unequivocally assured that your experience will be as positive as our.

Warm regards and great appreciation,

– Aaron


Recovery, this is something I never thought I would experience in my life. After being consumed with my Eating Disorder for 14 years I was sure there was no hope of freedom. Selah House changed that reality for me. God plucked me out of my life in Minnesota and placed me in Anderson, Indiana to help me to find myself and realize that I am truly worthy of his love and acceptance and worthy of recovery! My heart feels lighter and I finally feel like I am coming alive again. I have heard from many people that there is a new sparkle in my eyes and I feel like I have a new bounce to my step.

The amazing staff at Selah showed me what unconditional Love is and as much as I pushed to try and not let them love me, they pushed back and loved me more. The equine therapy was one of my favorite parts of treatment at Selah. I felt such a strong connection with the horses and they taught me so much about myself and helped me to get in touch with feelings that I avoided at all costs before coming to treatment. I now am looking into volunteering with horses back home so that I can continue to work with those amazing animals and hopefully continue to learn more about myself in the process.

I want to thank everyone at Selah for helping me to get my life back. As hard as treatment can be freedom is SO worth it! I have no clue where this road of recovery is going to take me but I am beyond excited to find out and I am willing and ready to trust God to lead me through this life. Selah was an answered prayer for me and I know other people will be blessed by the amazing staff there as well. I love all of you staff members and my Selah sisters! You will all forever be in my heart!