We walk alongside you.

Selah House eating disorder treatment staff work together as a team to transition you back into in the community. We assist each other and the clients by interacting and walking alongside each other to provide a culture of openness, honesty, and high regard for others. We strongly believe in the holiness of each person’s humanity, as well as the sacredness of their journey as we too have walked through places of despair.

Chief Executive Officer Amos Taylor

Amos Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Director of Therapeutic Services Jessica Ward

Jessica Ward

Director of Therapeutic Services

Michelle Kalz

National Director of Clinical Partnerships

Ashley H

Ashley Hemrich

Regional Director of Clinical Partnerships

Alycia Aldieri

National Director of Eating Disorder Admission

Anne Willet

Anne Willet

Medical Team Director

Amy Ricke 2

Dr. Amy Ricke


Shelby Duncan at Selah

Shelby Duncan

Registered Dietitian

Rachel Van Woerden

Rachel VanWoerden

Registered Dietitian

Primary Therapist Todd Davis

Todd R. Davies

PHP Therapist

Family Therapist and Primary Therapist Kadee Hunter

Kadee Hunter

Family Therapist, Primary Therapist

Darlene Graham, MA, LMHC

Darlene Graham

Family & Primary Therapist

Family Therapist Breanne Porter

Breanne Porter

Family Therapist

Family Therapist and Primary Therapist Trina Krieger

Trina Krieger

Primary Therapist

Rhonda Campbell-Minnich

Rhonda Campbell-Minnich

Primary Therapist

Equine Specialist Marcie Schott

Marcie Schott

Equine Specialist

Selah House Chris Zile

Christina Zile


Milieu Director Lise Rice

Lise Rice

Milieu Director

Intake Coordinator Renessa Johnson

Renessa Johnson

Intake Coordinator

Director of Finance Ellen Hines

Ellen Hines

Director of Finance

Educational Coordinator Tom Jewell

Tom Jewell

Educational Coordinator