We Know Life Doesn’t Stop While in Treatment

Student Life and Eating Disorder Treatment - School and EducationWe are committed to helping our teen clients continue their schooling during treatment at Selah House. Our certified teacher works with our adolescents and families by communicating with the student’s school system to establish individualized goals for assignment and coursework completion while in our program. Every school and education plan vary based on the objectives and standards of the student’s own school system, city, or state. Therefore, our student life and eating disorder treatment will work with you for academic success.

In cases where the school system is not able to be as flexible with continuation of the student’s current curriculum, we have online options to allow students to gain their grade level credit.

School And Education During Treatment

While facing an eating disorder, school and education may be difficult to keep up with. However, at Selah, we work with you through our student life and eating disorder treatment. This will help you continue your academic growth while receiving the treatment care you deserve.

In fact, many parents won’t enter their children into treatment without some sort of academic plan. Therefore, we ensure their educational growth with the help and continuous study of coursework.

Student Life and Eating Disorder Treatment at Selah House

Through our student life and eating disorder treatment, your child won’t fall behind in school. Specifically, we take school and education to heart at Selah House. We understand your child’s need for academic growth.

Outside of our dedication to academics, we also offer a variety of holistic therapies. For example, these include:

At Selah House, you can trust our professional staff to take care of your loved one during the eating disorder treatment process. For more information about our programs, contact us today at 866-324-8081. We’re here to ensure your loved one’s safety and comfort at all times.