Dealing with Trauma in Eating Disorder Recovery

People with an eating disorder often have more than their ED alone to overcome. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, one study found that 97 percent of individuals hospitalized for ED had at least one other co-occurring condition. Of those with co-occurring conditions, 22 percent also had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Another clinical study…

Recovery and holidays

Reflecting on Recovery

Managing Anxiety During the Holidays For most of us, the holidays fill us with joy, peace, and happiness. However, for those practicing recovery from an eating disorder, envisioning themselves at a holiday gathering may bring overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety.  Although eating disorders can make celebrating holiday traditions difficult, fostering change and challenging disordered…


Spiritual Nutrition During the Holiday Season

Self-Care During the Holidays By Jessica Carter As the holiday season is upon us, caring for yourself is important now, more than ever. A well-rounded recovery includes meeting your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.  Let’s explore ways in which we can incorporate spirituality into our holiday self-care routine. Gratitude: Practicing thankfulness and appreciation is beneficial…


The Connection Between Eating Disorders & Depression

Depression & Eating Disorders   Unfortunately, a growing majority of any women find flaws with their bodies, scrutinizing every detail. Given the continued societal pressures to achieve this “thin ideal,” feelings of inadequacy about their bodies can leave them feeling depressed, often leading them to take extreme measures to improve their body image. While a…

Group Therapy

The Many Benefits of Eating Disorder Group Therapy

Can Group Therapy Help Treat an Eating Disorder? Appropriately caring for someone suffering from an Eating Disorder can be challenging. Many influences, including physical, emotional, psychological, social, and cultural factors, shape the foundation of eating disorders. Often, pinpointing the exact cause can be challenging to understand.  One evidence-based treatment method that is increasing in clinical…