Learning to Enjoy Life as a Family Again

It is a blessing for us to walk with you and your family on this journey toward recovery. You are not alone.

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosastrongly impact family functioning. Therefore, our desire with family therapy at Selah House is not to focus blame, but to help family members understand each other and gain freedom and healing. Families become directly involved in the client’s eating disorder treatment at Selah House. Moreover, we hope to help develop some creative ways for you to grow together and learn to enjoy family life again.

Family Therapy At Selah House

Through our family therapy, those close to you can gain an understanding of your disorder. Moreover, they will learn how to support you during the process. This will ease their mind and give them the insights they deserve.

Family therapy program at Selah Furthermore, we also offer holistic therapies during treatment, which include:

As a result, utilizing a wide range of therapies will help you find success with better outcomes in recovery. For more information about our family therapy, contact us today at 866-324-8081.