24-7 Onsite Medical Care

Expert care without the institutional feel.

Medical nutritional therapy and medical care at Selah House.As the only licensed inpatient treatment center for eating disorders in Indiana, Selah provides highly trained medical and psychiatric staff on-site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medical care for conditions from eating disorders can be complex and severe, ranging from cardiac complications to edema. At Selah, we take medical issues very seriously, and the safety of all women and girls comes first. Especially at an inpatient level, our clients are closely monitored with the most advanced evidence-based treatment and medical equipment. Therefore, medical nutritional therapy can make a positive impact on your treatment.

Coordinated Care

An important difference between our program and other treatment centers is how involved our medical staff is in your treatment. Specifically, our medical team works closely with our clinical team to help support and reinforce the therapies and goals of the treatment plan. They provide weekly individual sessions and frequently participate  in group sessions. Our experienced and compassionate nurses are always present and ready to take care of anyone suffering from any complications from their eating disorders.

Access to Hospitals

In the case that a temporary transfer to a hospital is needed, we have a physician on-call to help assess the individual case. Clients benefit greatly and receive the best care from a treatment team that works closely to ensure the safest path forward.

Medical Nutritional Therapy at Selah House

Through medical nutritional therapy, you will learn how to develop a nutritional plan properly. Moreover, you will learn more about food and how it affects your daily life and health.

For example, medical nutritional therapy will help you realize how your disorder is negatively impacting your life. This is extremely vital during the recovery process. Therefore, by understanding why you are struggling with a disorder, we can work together to make positive changes.

Outside of medical care, we also offer a variety of treatments to help you overcome an eating disorder. For example, these include:

With the proper help, you can overcome your eating disorder for good. In fact, call Selah House today at 866-324-8081 to begin your journey to overall wellness.