You’ve already taken your first step.

Finding the right program for you and your recovery needs is the most important part of beginning a successful journey. We’re here to help you.

We want all of our women and young girls to feel safe in a place that is stable, loving, and comfortable. Our path together begins with a phone call. Therefore, we can make sure that we are the best fit for each other. Because our treatment plans are custom, we want to set things up from the start to best accommodate your specific program needs. Our team of experts will continue to work with you in a step-down approach and support you as much as possible even after you leave. Moreover, our eating disorder treatment admissions process will ease your mind of the recovery ahead.

Online Assessment

Are you or a loved one struggling with issues related to food and exercise?

Our online assessment is designed to help provide context around certain symptoms or feelings you may be having, and is not meant to be diagnostic. We understand that reaching out can be extremely difficult and want to make this process as helpful as possible.

Family During Admission Day


Let’s begin with a conversation. Our initial consultation will allow us to better understand your specific treatment needs.

Cost & Insurance

Our financial team is here to work with and for you, helping to navigate all the challenging financial aspects of eating disorder treatment.

Learn More About Our Eating Disorder Treatment Admissions Process

The eating disorder treatment admissions process at Selah will build the foundation for your recovery. In fact, we’ll begin working with you to address your specific needs during the journey. For example, our programs include:

For more information about our eating disorder treatment admissions process, contact us today at 866-324-8081.