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Recovery and holidays

Reflecting on Recovery

Managing Anxiety During the Holidays For most of us, the holidays fill us with joy, peace, and happiness. However, for those practicing recovery from an eating disorder, envisioning themselves at a holiday gathering may bring overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety.  Although eating disorders can make celebrating holiday traditions difficult, fostering change and challenging disordered…

Mindfulness Training in Eating Disorder Recovery

Importance of Practicing Mindfulness in Eating Disorder Recovery

Several eating disorders share binge and restriction symptoms and appear to be a food-related problem.  However, eating disorders have underlying emotional issues manifested through behaviors. Treating an eating disorder is more than learning self-control around food; it also involves managing the emotions and triggers associated with the symptoms.

truth about eating disorders

Understanding the Truth About Eating Disorders

As with most mental illnesses, including eating disorders, there is a vast amount of misinformation and biases. This distorted information, combined with the stigmatizing attitudes of shame and embarrassment, has permeated our society and hindered treatment.  National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is the perfect time to raise awareness, which can lead to a shift in…